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Managing Audit Reports


This functionality is supported in the legacy package only.

The InCountry Data Residency for Salesforce package allows you to export audit reports for regulated data records stored on the InCountry platform.

You can download reports on operations with regulated data records for a particular country on the Find in InCountry tab.

To download a report:

  1. Select the Find in InCountry tab.

  2. Click the Export Audit report subtab.

  3. In the Country box, select the country you want to generate a compliance audit report for.

  4. In the Start date and End date boxes, define the time frame you want to generate the audit report for. These dates include records that were created or updated within this time frame.


    Selecting a long time period or querying large data volumes from the InCountry platform may extend the time required for the report generation.

  5. Click Export.

Managing audit reports