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Each InCountry point-of-presence offers secure infrastructure for an application front-end and back-end to fully isolate data within a country:

  • InCountry Vault securely stores regulated data within a country with access policies and full audit logs.
  • Web Services Proxy and REST API provide developers and developer operations with easy-to-use interfaces to manage data and invoke deep edge services.
  • Data Firewall governs data access and uses AI data loss preventions to ensure regulated data does not leave a country.

Let’s imagine that we have a generic web application that manages customers originating from different countries. After introduction of new data regulations, we need to localize regulated data in its country of origin and implement additional controls to ensure that regulated data does not leave its domestic borders or imply additional restrictions on its processing.

The application handles regulated data (personally identifiable information (PII)) of customers, and some of the customers come from countries with stringent data regulations (such as China). The application stores the following information about customers:

  • First name (first_name (PII))

  • Last name (last_name (PII))

  • Email (email (PII))

  • Mobile phone (phone (PII))

  • Vehicle (vehicle)

  • Yearly spending (yearly_spending (PII))

  • Deals ratio (deals_ratio (PII))

  • Is active (is_active (PII))

  • Last login datetime (last_login (PII))

  • Last operation date (last_operation (PII))

  • Notification time (notification_time (PII))

  • Country (country)

Some fields are classified as regulated because contain PII data. For Chinese customers, this information must be localized within its domestic borders. Let’s explore how InCountry DRaaS can be integrated with this application.


Before you start modifying your web application, let’s complete some routine tasks including the following:

  1. Register an account on InCountry Portal.

  2. Create an environment.

  3. Activate the country where you want to store regulated data.