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Managing Payment services

Table of сontents

The Payments services captures payment card data, saves it to the InCountry Vault, and securely passes it to payment providers ensuring that a transaction is protected against any threats. The interface also facilitates your PCI compliance as payment card data does not touch your servers or infrastructure. It is fully processed by InCountry’s proprietary payment form and is securely passed to the payment provider for transaction processing. The Payments service saves this sensitive payment card data in the InCountry Vault and returns non-identifiable tokenized values to the merchant’s application or website.


The InCountry Vault stores the payment card data in the country of its origin in full compliance with local financial data regulations. When performing recurring payments, card data is directly pulled from the InCountry Vault and passed within a transaction to a specific payment provider, so your customers do not need to enter their card data multiple times if they want to purchase something from you. The Payments services currently supports the market-leading payment providers, such as Stripe and Braintree (by PayPal), with additional payment providers being already on our roadmap.

You can manage Payments services, as follows:

  • create new Payments services
  • delete the no longer needed Payments services

Creating a new Payments service


You can create one Payments service per each activated country within an environment.

  1. On the menu, select Environments. image-20230804-121457.png
  2. On the opened list with environments or on the sidebar, select the environment where you want to create the Payments service. image-20230804-121548.png
  3. On the opened list with countries or on the sidebar, select the country where you want to create the Payments service. image-20230804-121708.png
  4. On the list with services, click Add service. image-20230804-121835.png
  5. At the Select service step, select Payments.
  6. Click Next. image-20230804-122016.png
  7. At the Payment Provider step, define the following parameters:
    1. Payment Provider - select the payment provider from the list (for example, Stripe or Braintree).
    2. Request- leave this parameter as-is, the POST request type is used by default.
    3. Application payment endpoint - enter the path to the endpoint which payment card data is submitted to.
  8. Click Next. image-20230804-122345.png
  9. At the Review step, review the configuration of a new Payments service.
  10. Enter the verification code and click Save. image-20230804-122450.png
  11. At the Embed Code step, copy the embed code of the payment form that will save payment card data to the InCountry Vault.
  12. When complete, click Close.

Deleting a Payments service

  1. On the list with services within an activated country, locate the Payments service vault you want to delete. image-20230804-122637.png
  2. Click the Delete icon.
  3. Enter the verification code and click Delete.