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Integration options

This section provides answers to the most common questions about additional solutions for application and system integrations.

How difficult is it to integrate with the InCountry platform?

Our company offers different kinds of products that you can integrate into your existing software solutions to support data residency services. They mainly differ in integration efforts from your side, as follows:

  1. InCountry Border requires minimal integration efforts from your side. You just need to proxy requests between the application frontend and backend through InCountry Border and that’s all. It provides all the essential capabilities for record management, but does not require significant changes in the code base of your application.

  2. InCountry REST API requires more integration efforts from your side as you need to modify your application code base, but as an advantage, you get the server-side encryption. The REST API provides the easiest way to communicate regulated data between your application and the InCountry platform. Here you should consider that within your application you will need separate data into two streams - one with regulated data handled by REST API and the other with non-regulated data handled by your application.

  3. Low- or no-code solutions, such as Payment Vault, Email Gateway, HTML Gateway, and Web Form Gateway, require the preliminary configuration of the component and then they can work out of the box with no to minimal changes in your application code.

  4. InCountry SaaS Integrations introduce data residency services for the most popular SaaS products and platforms while keeping the native user experience without any changes.

What integration options does the InCountry platform offer?

The InCountry platform also provides additional solutions for application and system integrations, as follows:

  • Email Gateway

  • Report Proxy

  • SFTP Proxy

  • Payment Vault

  • HTML Gateway

  • Web Form Gateway

Email Gateway

This solution unredacts outbound emails containing pre-defined placeholders and swap these placeholders with clear-text values. Then Email Gateway routes these emails to your SMTP server in the country of origin that deliver emails to their target recipients. You can use Email Gateway to send notifications about events and actions to your customers coming from countries with stringent data regulations, so their regulated data remains in the country of origin.

Report Proxy

This solution unredacts tokenized data values in your report files and replaces them with clear-text values by fetching the corresponding records from the InCountry platform residing in the country of origin. It has some technology limitations that depend on the used reporting mechanism and a particular SaaS solution which data comes from.

SFTP Proxy

This solution processes files that are stored on the SFTP server and swaps tokenized strings with clear-text values queried from the InCountry platform.

Payment Vault

This solution handles payment card data (cardholder and card details) and passes it to the payment provider (for example, Stripe or Braintree) while saving this data to the InCountry platform. Payment Vault supports both one-time and recurring payments such as subscriptions. It secures the card information on the fly and allows you to process payments without touching this card data by your application. This way you can achieve PCI DSS compliance in the shortest time possible and be confident that payment card data is securely protected.

This component provides the payment web form which captures the payment details, writes this data to the InCountry platform, and further provides this payment data to a specific payment provider to finalize a transaction.

This product allows you to develop a single payment gateway application that will be compatible with multiple payment providers in different countries without a necessity to obtain full PCI DSS compliance for keeping the cardholder information.

HTML Gateway

This solution integrates into the monolithic application whose backend generates an HTML document with redacted data placeholders. HTML Gateway handles the HTML structure, identifies placeholders, and swaps them with clear-text values and passes to the user’s browser for rendering.

Web Form Gateway

This solution integrates with the lead capturing forms and saves the collected regulated data (like first and last names, emails, contact phones) to the InCountry platform while replacing them in the payload with redacted values.